Jack Kerouac Autograph: "Greatest satisfaction in life is writing."

Jack Kerouac Bobble Head. Click to Enlarge images.

Letter From Carolyn Cassady. Click to enlarge and read.

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Signed picture of Ferlinghetti. Click to Enlarge.

Ferlinghetti Letter. With picture of City Lights Book Store and book mark. Click to Enlarge.

Ferlinghetti. Click to Enlarge.

Friends of Kerouac rubber stamp. Click to Enlarge

. asdasdasd

Signed picture of Allen Ginsberg. Click images to Enlarge

aasasdasd aasdasssdfd


Howl Hardcover First Edition. Signed inside. Click to enlarge.

This is the rarest copy of Howl in the World. It is the second edition, the one that was confiscated. But if you look inside there are two dedication pages. One with a dedication where Lucian Carr is included and one where he is not. Click to enlarge.

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Letter from Allen Ginsberg. Click to enlarge.

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Playboys where Jack Kerouac is featured. Click to enlarge.

Letter to Allen Ginsberg. Click to enlarge.

At first glance this look like Charles Bukowski's legal drivers license. If you inspect the back though it is actually an invitation to one of his poetry readings in England. Click to enlarge.

Here is a check that Jack Kerouac wrote on April 1 1961 to a liqour store. Click to enlarge.

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Une Veille de Noel. Click to enlarge.

Watch and mug. Click to enlarge.

Kerouac yoyo. Click to enlarge.


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